Buy licenses for another user?

I have enrolled as an MSP in C1 and also on the “Reseller Program”, thank you for this =). But how is the process when I should sell a license to an user?

Should I buy it directly from the C1 portal and assign it to that company? Or should I buy the license from the reseller portal?

I’m also guessing that I buy this from you and then sell it to what price I want to my customer? I don’t get any kickback from you so to say?


Look at buying from a distributor, unless you are adding 1000’s it will be much cheaper.

Aha, not buying directly from Comodo? I don’t think one license for the ITSM is so expensive from the reseller portal.

Get a price from the disty :slight_smile: you may be surprised…

Don’t really know where to find a disty for ITSM… :slight_smile:

Which country are you in @Noiden ?

Hi @Noiden ,

Kindly send an email to or give them a call at (US) 1-888-266-6361 or (International) +1-703-581-6361. Rest assured that the concern will be handled accordingly.

Thank you.

@nct I’m in Sweden.

Check your inbox message from me @Noiden

Hmm, nothing there now @nct

Just sent to you.

What distributor do you use in the US?