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First question in it - how to (using C1 tools ) migrate OS to another HDD? C1 have Acronis (+cloud), scripting… Can we do it?

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Procedure to migrate Windows OS from one HDD to another is not possible for now, but please consider below options:
1)In windows we have the ability to create backup OS image and restore, in order to migrate OS from one HDD to other.
Please refer to this procedure procedure https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/script-library/5495-backup-windows-endpoint-instantly
2)If we want extend system volume within the disk , please refer below procedure.
3)ITSM procedure currently does not have command interface with Acronics backup tool. Scripting is also not possible for now in this case.
Following options are available in Acronis:

  1. Make user profile backup (built in politics)
  2. Restore OS
  3. Restore user profile

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