C1 Notifications

A little confusing with all the different communications. There are C1 Portal notifications, alerts, tickets. What do each do and how do they differ?

Currently, I have about 1000 Notifications in my C1 Portal. They are shown in groups of 10 with options to mark as “read” or “unread”.

  • How do you remove notifications that are no longer necessary to keep? Having a log of notifications that just continues to grow is harder to manage.
  • There are some cases you may want to store events, but in my opinion, those events should be tickets.

Are notifications duplicates of emails that are sent? Are we seeing the same messages multiple times?

If an Notification is important, shouldn’t it be a ticket? Can you create a ticket from a notification?

Maybe it is just me or maybe it is not clear about the differences between the notifications and how to properly setup how to document an occurance… Should it be an simple notification, alert, or is it an item that needs to be addressed and a ticket should be created.

Please advise.