C1 processes

Question to C1 developers.

C1 is system with no custom automations. We can’t setup any workflow. Therefore you built in some basic workflows. Do you can show process scheme of C1? SD, ITSM, Quote manager? Manual’s many symbols dont show general picture of C1 basic processes.

Hello @Sergey

Unfortunately, I am not sure that I understand the question. Would you want a Demo on the Comodo One functionality?
The modules available are there to offer functionalities that our clients might need, but that does not necessarily mean that you need to use them all if you do not want to.
Please let us know if this answered your questions or not.

You can’t show all system. This will be to long i think.

When you creating system - you must have process scheme. From process scheme creating all other objects. If no process scheme I think not possible to create good system.
BPMN scheme is very usefull for it.

I looked about 30 SD and CRM systems and no one developer have process (basic system workflow) scheme :slight_smile:

Hello @Sergey

Please provide us an exact example regarding the process schemes in question so we can forward your feedback to our developers for further analysis.

How do you designing your system? Any support process - is PROCESS. I thoght design of any system must be started with making of process describing.


Unfortunately I’m not able to provide you the way our system is designed because this is handled by another department. We can forward a request but please specify what we need to ask about the support process and if possible please provide an example.

Hi @Sergey

Interesting discussion point. I will reach out to you to understand the details better if you don’t mind.


OK. Any BPMN-systems or systems with powerfull custom logic creating may do not have any builtin processes - they are logic constructors. But systems with builtin processes (I think) must provide to users process scheme. Looking at process scheme we can understand how your system work by one shot (site :slight_smile: ). Not neccesary to read manual for every module. One look at schema - and all is clear.