c1-support@comodo.com not reachable


I’ve been in contact with Comodo help desk for ticket [#RIX-114-45977] but since end of last week, I am unable to get in touch. My replies are not getting a reply, but I do get message from Comodo representatives asking if the problem is resolved and if I can get in touch. I’m trying, but my messages are not coming across.

I have sent the messages from a mailaccount that is a regular Offic 365 account, both through my local machine and through webmail. Yesterday and of day I got a response from my smtp server stating the message could not be delivered. Since the bounce message itself is in Dutch, I’ll only post the link in the message stating the exact error condition: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=389361

I hope you really can look into this, so I can resolve the ticket. I know the forum is usually not used for these kinds of messages, but I have no way of reaching Comodo outside of this forum (or a very costly intercontinental call :slight_smile: )

Best regards,

Just found out you can also logon to the ticketing system online, which is what I’m doing right now. Still this is an issue that needs attention.

Hi @Pieter ,

We apologize to hear of this experience. Rest assured that we have communicated with our respective support team to attend to your escalated issue. We appreciate making mention of your support ticket as reference.