C1 Support -- PLEASE quote previous correspondence for context

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Here’s the problem:
We users post something here or email the support team. A day or two later we get a reply that doesn’t reference what we’ve written and time has passed or there may be multiple posts in question but the email asks for something like “logs from the affected workstation.” Without context, how are we to know what PC we’re talking about. You’ve assigned a ticket number to it but, again, that means nothing on our end.

Throw us a bone here. Clear communication is important. Help us be more clear by being more clear to us.

Hello @PromptCare ,

Each time a ticket is created for an issue reported on our forums, we include the link to that post in the initial reply. Also, a ticket ID is provided in the confirmation email you receive upon ticket creation. If you want to check the conversation history related to a specific ticket, the easiest way would be filter your inbox based on the Ticket ID as it is always present in the subject of each reply.

Hi @prompt

Do you think providing the relevant link inside the initial reply would be sufficient? Do you have any other suggestion for our support to help you better?


I agree with Promptcare. I have let many tickets lapse simply because there is no useful information. I’ve had multiple tickets open with the support team and if there is no thread of what the ticket references it is frustrating to figure out what is happening. A link to the ticket would help but it would be most useful for the ticket to include the thread of communication. Just to give you an example, imagine getting the email below. When you have a few tickets open at one time a stock response leads me to ignoring it. While it technically clears the ticket out of the system usually it doesn’t mean the issue is resolved and often times leads to be opening a ticket about the same thing :slight_smile:

Hello Joshua,

We haven’t heard back from you for a while so we will optimistically assume that your issue has been solved and all questions have been answered to your satisfaction. We will therefore close the ticket.

If our assumptions are incorrect please feel free to re-open this ticket at any time by simply replying to this email.

Kind Regards,
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An email conversation should be self-contained, IMO. One shouldn’t have to click links to open webpages to find out what we’re talking about. And, as @easterntech50 points out, the link that currently comes in emails is generic so we have to enter ticket numbers and so on. At the very least, couldn’t the link provided actually go to the ticket?

@PromptCare Thank your for sharing your suggestions. We will try to accommodate your request and will update you as soon as possible.

This is the exact reason why I have started working on only one issue at a time, instead of all of them. I chose the one I felt most important, and quit replying to the others, until Comodo gets that one thing figured fixed.

P.S. Still one the first one!! LOL