C1 Update takes down HV Guest servers


This isn’t the 1st time an update has stopped HV guest servers from communication on the network.

The Heartbeat looses communication in the HV manager, you cannot do ANYTHING apart from forcefully turn off the VM then turn on, hoping it recovers.

This has happened this evening as i write this posts on 2 different sites.

Both sever 2016.

Oh, Both DC’s

Oh, Both DC’s

Hello @dittoit, thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. We have created a support ticket regarding on your case for investigation.
Please reply at your convenience.

Not seen this yet, is this the update to CCC or CCS that does this?

@Anna_C @dittoit @StrobeTech , we set our portal on the previous CCS and CCC release last week, so nothing has updated yet. I would be grateful if you could keep me in the loop on this, before we update systems.

Hello @nct,

Upon checking with the support ticket created for @dittoit’s case, we are still waiting for his response to provide additional information for our dev team to investigate.

We will loop you with the escalated ticket as soon as we receive all the information needed.

Thank you for your support.

Hi @nct

We have some windows server 2012 VMs which have not experienced any issues as of yet.

We have a new set of 2016 VMs which due to this have not yet deployed CCS onto but have had no issues so far with just CCC.

Hope this helps.