Can Comodo One detect ESET Endpoint security? for installed/active/updated etc.?

Hi there,

We have ESET Endpoint Security all over our network nodes.

I wish if Comodo One can detect ESET antivirus too, as it does for Comodo antivirus. At the same time, if it can fetch the data like Active or not, updated or not, any virus detected from specific devices etc.

Appreciate your response!

@itguy_comodo ,

We will forward your request to our Product Development team for analysis and give you an update as soon as possible.

ESET needs to integrate their product with our platform to be able to do that. We are more than happy to have anyone to integrate with our platform.

@melih how about having Comodo ONE read the status of Windows Defender Security Center? Most AV’s have their status reported here, by C1 reading this information back in real time you would be able to tell if any AV (not just ESET) is up to date and running.

Jimmy, thanks for that but all that monitor does is indicate if another AV is installed. It doesnt show if the client is active/inactive or the definitions out of date. It also doesn’t show the status of the firewall.

Integration with the Windows Defender Security Center would allow C1 to monitor any 3rd party AV solution easily without having to hook in to their solution.