Can I change password for specific account on all Workgroup systems through C1?

Hi all,

We have more than 15 Windows workgroup computers, which are already enrolled with C1.

Since these systems are in Workgroup, I used to create a separate account “admin” on all computers other than user account and set same password for all “admin” accounts on all systems for different reasons.

You know the pain in Workgroup, need to handle individually and not changing admin password once in while at least is not good idea, so I want to know how it can be done with C1, so that I don’t need to visit each system and can do without user aware of change.


Hello @itguy_comodo

Do you want to change the password for user admin on all systems?
If yes, this is possible thru our Python Script.

Please tell us if this suffices your query.

@Jay That’s nice, thank you!:smiley: