Can I configure a proxy in the Itarian Remote Control application


Two of my guys are located regulary at a customer site manning a “walk-in” office for users experiencing problems.

While present, they should also be able to support other clients , but the remote control app is not able to take over any screens.

The guys are using the customer’s network, which is located however behind restrictive firewalls. At other locations, there is no problem.

These firewalls are not managed by us, and the opening of ports is a politics game and will take a VERY long time.

We do have proxies (http / socks) on site, for which we can get an authorization more easily. This has worked for other tools, but in Itarian Remote Control I see no way of entering a proxy configuration. Is there something in the registry that can be tweaked for Remote Control to use a proxy ?


Hello @sebopen2,

Good day.

The remote control uses UDP and it cannot connect through the proxy. Our developer is on the process of working this out and we will keep you in the loop of email update for this feature.

As for IPs and port, you may refer to the link below.–-IP-Nos,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details.html,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customer.html

Thank you.

Have you changed anything in your application? Can I now connect with a proxy server? I used to use proxy servers for better security. Still, I also would like to be able to open your application without turning it off. Even if I had never had any problems from connecting to your app with the proxy turned off, it’s safer for me if I will have the possibility to use it while I am using your app, especially nowadays after I have read a post on, about the hackers, and their danger.