Can not install ITSM on IPAD

When I try to install ITSM on an IPAD I have here, the first part goes fine, but the second part, where I run the green icon, it opens in a web browser, and says that the address is invalid??


As you very well know that installing ITSM agent on an iPad means installing it on iOS environment.
Here is a link on how Adding iOS Apps and Installing them on Devices:

Should this does not serve fruitful, I have sent you an email asking for additional information for us to further investigate.

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I got this one figured out, it would seem that the IPad had not been used in a long time, and was so far outdated that it would not install. Undated to version 9.something, and it installed.


That is good to hear!

Hi Raymond, I’ve run into the same issue on another iOS device. Is there any way to remotely force a version upgrade to the system? It is not feasible to have physical access to all iOS devices across multiple sites in order to ensure they are all on the lasted iOS version.