Can not install ITSM on Surface

I am trying to install ITSM on a Microsoft Surface, running 8.1 RT, will not install, how can I get the software on the surface???

Hi BOSS, I cant see that you will ever get ITSM on a Surface RT, its not an x86 compatible device. Windows RT was ARM based so is closer to a mobile phone in its design and build than a standard Windows endpoint.


Thank you for providing additional details @Joners

It is on our roadmap to include and create a compatible ITSM for the Microsoft Surface 8.1 RT. We will keep you posted on this request. Thank you

Yeah, I was hoping they had an alternative solution, but this is not too big of a deal, this is just an odd ball tablet and I do not expect it to be in use for an extended period of time. I just passed this device by for now, and assigned an IPAD.

To be honest i wouldnt bother having this on the road map, the number of people that have an use a MS Surface device still must be tiny. You would be better off putting efforts in to supporting Android 7+, especially seeing that Android 8 was released a week ago.

@Joners , @BOSS

These Feature Functionality requests are still on the roadmap and after the functionality pushes through, we will notify all MSPs and users who have requested for it.


This is not related to a Surface RT but am having problems with two Surface Pro 4’s that allow you to install ITSM but never show online after a reboot and if you do by some chance get it to show online in ITSM with uninstall reinstall of ITSM you cannot take it over with Comodo Remote Control.

Hello @Marveltec,

We appreciate for letting us know about the issue you have encountered. The issue is somehow related to the ITSM application compatibility on the surface device. Thought you were able to install the ITSM on the Surface Pro 4’s, there’s some limitation with the functionality since the ITSM application is not yet 100% compatible with the surface device.