Can patches for certain applications be automatically hidden by a script?

I have a customer who uses Gsuite/Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Periodically, a Microsoft update to Outlook will break searching withing Outlook when Google Apps Sync is installed. Fixing search is painful. Uninstalling the update doesn’t do it, nor rebuilding the Windows search index. The Outlook profile has to be deleted and many gigabytes of email downloaded again to get it working. Google and Microsoft point fingers at each other, and this may never be fixed.

I need to be able to hide past AND future updates to Microsoft Outlook. Is it possible to write a script to hide any patch containing the text “Microsoft Outlook” before the scheduled patch procedure is run? Otherwise I’ll have to scan the names manually, which means not running patches as frequently as they should be.


  • Marty Fries

Hello @imagimedia,

We will have our script developers review your request and update you via this forum post and the related support ticket. Thank you

Hello @imagimedia

Coming to your request part, We have a script that will hide an update based on KB value that is entered in the script. So, Here we can modify it to hide based on the title which has “Microsoft Outlook”. But that “Microsoft Outlook” should be about to download and install so there our script will eliminate it to be installed.

What it means " hide past AND future updates"? Once you are aware that a new update for “Microsoft Outlook” is available which is not yet downloaded and installed on machine, then you need to run our script that will eliminate it to be installed. Is that ok?
Looking forward for your information.

Thank you.