Can we save RMM and Patch Management?

I really want to save RMM and Patch Management in Comodo One console. I don’t want to have to switch my clients to CDM.

Hello @robert.mattes ,

We understand your request and we really do appreciate the feedback!
However, the migration towards CDM has been done.
RMM is accessible through the CDM Console (on the Comodo one Dashboard)
PM is still accessible through the original Comodo One Dashboard.

this would limit all the amazing capabilities we want to bring to you.
There is so much more we want to enable so that you can make lots of money.

Well that is not what you, Comodo, said was you can use the for free forever! I guess that means you can use it for free as long as we want you too.
I’m not very happy about this change!

I don’t understand. CDM is free.

CDM is free, endpoint protection is a trial for 1 year.

Just a little correction, CDM is free and you can use endpoint protection for one month as free trial. Then if you want to keep using endpoint protection, you need to upgrade to premium version.

Please check “license options” section.


Endpoint protection …1 month trial…