'Cancelling' a procedure after being sent - to a device which is turned off/offline

We have a situation where a computer was included in a patch management procedure, (and has over 100 outstanding updates) but is turned off. We’re trying to avoid the situation of a user turning the machine on and immediately it beginning to update/force reboots etc. Is there any way of cancelling this ‘call’ to the device for when it checks in again?


I would delete the device from ITSM. This way the command cant be sent as it’s never going to report in.

you can then re-add. Not sure how long the command will stay in the queue so Comodo will have to chime in here.

As far as command queues, at present, our understanding is that this cannot be done/stopped by MSPs. This might be coming later, but cannot be certain as so far this is a developer feature for testing only by Comodo in-house.

I believe the ability to see the queue and delete items would be a good thing, but agents do report in regularly so you would have to work extremely fast so adding a feature like this might not be high on anyone’s list.

Comodo please chime in and update/correct me if needed.