Cannot Access Patch Managment

Good day,

I keep getting an error when trying to access the Patch Managment module from The error is “User not found or there are no companies in its MSP”

I then even try to manually enter my credentials for the with no resolution. I’ve also created a new agent/company under and when trying to login with those credentuals I get a ngix timeout error.

Let us check this out.


I will concur with this. I get a spinning orb that never goes away when trying to access patch management.

The spinning orb appears to be related to CHROME browser, switched to Firefox and loaded.

please keep the feedback coming. This will help the whole MSP community! thank you!

Hi there.

Can´t access the Patch Manager from the Comodo One Portal when you click on the “Open Module” button, and this shows up:

Best regards,

Andre MS.


Could you please try again?

if you still observe a problem, could you please send me your company name and admin email via private message?


Thank´s, tryed again and this time it worked.

Best regards,

Andre MS.

great to hear its working :slight_smile:
please let us know how we can improve it, and perhaps you can join the technical committees to steer the future development?