Cannot get to with Dome DNS filtering after last update

The changes I am making to my web filtering policies are not changing, or the endpoints aren’t reflecting my changes. I had blocked in my B/W list, and I removed it to determine if my changes were being made effective, and even after 10 minutes, is still being blocked.

In Internet Explorer, I cannot browse to If I go to, Comodo says I’m blocked even though there is no blocked setting for this site anywhere.

I am noticing the ‘Web Filter’ item on the Comodo context menu from the taskbar. If I disable the web-filtering from the taskbar, I am then able to get to

Since I am using the DNS-based filtering, why do I need Web-Filtering enabled at the endpoint when I don’t have Shield installed? Can this be turned off in the profiles? If so, how?

I realize I can tell my users to use Google Chrome to open Outlook online, but due to an application they use, IE is the default app and opens up when they use their Office 365 shortcut from their desktop.

This is a big deal - I have 13 sites using Web Filtering via DNS, and they cannot get to Office 365 Outlook using their default browser settings.

I have tried to (in IE):
clear cache
reset Internet Zone security
reset IE browser settings
compatibility view


@maximillianx ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have created a support ticket for your report issue. Please check your mailbox at your convenience.

Has this been resolved yet? I am also having the issue with Office 365.

Not resolved for me - although my techs are trying to work with support today. I’ll report back what they find.

@eit-tech ,

@maximillianx’s reported issue is not concerning Dome Blocking the website rather a different Comodo Product which we are currently addressing on his support ticket follow-up.

This is also impacting my remote agents. Please provide a fix or workaround for this ASAP as it is impacting my users ability to access Outlook (web and application)

Hello @curatrix_pl,

Good day. We would like to check or verify if you have the same scenario with the reported case above. On one of your affected device, may we request to check if client security is installed? If by any chance yes, on the system tray of the device, right click on the client security and disable the web filtering section and then check if the affected website can be accessed.

We will also create a support ticket for you on this case for us to monitor the reported case. Thank you

Is there a way to disable the web-filtering aspect of client security via ITSM?

@maximillianx ,

There is a process.

-1. Disable Website Filtering locally on one of the enrolled devices
-2. Go to ITSM > Device List and select the device
-3. Click on Export Security Configuration in the top menu
-4. Go to Exported Configurations section and download the .xml file
-5. Go to Configuration Templates > Profiles menu and click on Import > Import from Comodo Client -Security Config file
-6. Browse to the .xml file saved on step 4 and create the profile
-7. Apply the profile on all the managed devices and Website Filtering will be disabled.

Please note that, if you are using multiple profiles, if you want to use the method above, you would have to repeat the steps for each one of them.

A centralized web filtering option via ITMS Portal is projected to arrive on production environment Q42018