Cannot remote in

We’ve used Comodo One for awhile, when the name changed to ITarian, did something happen with the ability to remote in? Any new workstation using the agent 6.21+ doesn’t show up on the remote app or the dashboard. This is just new installs, previous installs that have been updated to 6.21 show up in the dashboard and we can remote in.

Hi @derekglen,

May you please verify if the ITSM services are running to those devices that you are having issue with. We also advise that you install the latest version of endpoint manager communication client (6.24.20361.18120).

Please let us know of the result.

Version 6.24.20361.18120 is running but nothing shows up on the portal or the Remote App.

I found the issue, it’s registered to the wrong server. I need to uninstall and reinstall.

What’s the best way to uninstall?

Hi @derekglen,

We have created a ticket for you and sent you an email to gather more information for us to find the root cause of this issue.