Cannot RMM to one machine

Hello, I have one Server 2008 that RMM used to work, but not anymore.
I can connect to other machines at the same site.
The RMM app on the viewing PC times out after a while trying to connect, but no error message.
I have tried:
*Add Apps to Windows Firewall

  • Disabled Firewall
  • Restart Agents
    *Repair ITSM from Windows Control Panel
    *Uninstall - Reinstall ITSM Agent
  • Dunno if it uses Java, but updated to latest Java
  • Disable Avast Antivirus
  • I installed the “Old” RMM agent, and it works.
    *Windows updates, Reboot, still no love.

Where / how to troubleshoot? It’s just this one.


I was unable to replicate your issue. We will reach you via support ticket to check and assist you further on this issue.

@Rickkee have you checked your firewall/router isn’t blocking the traffic? Please see for details of IPs, hostnames and ports used.