Can't access cWatch EDR

I added cWatch EDR from the store yesterday, however I am still getting the spinning sync icon in the menu and can’t access it.

Any ideas?

Hi @omnion ,

Thank you for informing us about this issue. We have created a ticket for further investigation and support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.

Yeah mine is the same, I have opened a support ticket as well

They have fixed mine now, however looking in the store, EDR is termed as per DOMAIN? is that meant to be endpoint?

yes you are right. it was meant to be per endpoint per month. thanks for informing.

This issue is currently being handled. I will let you know whenever it is resolved. Thank you for your understanding.

Same kind of issue for me where it is stuck on the “Please wait while your account is being setup…” which has been at 50% for a few hours.


Hi everyone,

I take this opportunity to inform you that the aforementioned “Please wait while your account is being setup…” issue has ben resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience and I appreciate your feedback.

Alphan E.

I installed the agent on a vm machine and I get no data on the edr dashboard. It’s acting like it’s not registering the agent or something? Any ideas why?


We have created a support ticket and reached you using your email. Thanks.

If you had agent deployed in that machine earlier, you should inform us about the endpoint ID to delete it from our DB.

EDR is not available in my application menu, can’t purchase because C1 thinks I already purchased EDR.
I opened a ticket and after a few responses and explaining my situation in more detail, You guys left me hanging for the last 6 days, no response.

would you please DM me your ticket ID? I will assess and resolve your case.


Alphan E.

If you are the same Alphan E. that is replying to my ticket that that seems unnecessary.
I would suggest reading the ticket before replying and asking me questions that were already answered in the email you replied to.

Sir your case is as I stated in the support email. Your case will be solved very soon. I will inform you when to add cWatch EDR from C1. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

I understood that from the email I received after that post.
I did not need a second public notice.

Problem has not been resolved.
A solution was provided, I agreed, and as of today it has not been implemented.

Your case is very unique and requires collaboration of multiple units located apart. Thank you for your understanding. .

Thank you for the update.
Please reply to my ticket when you have completed the necessary changes to my account so I can enable EDR in C1.

I surely will.