Can't connect to Macs with external monitors over USB-C

New issue we’re seeing with agent version 6.28.26240.19060 - a Macbook Pro with an external monitor connected via a USB-C dongle (either with HDMI, DVI, or SVGA) can’t be connected to via the ITarian Remote Access tool. It shows as online in the web interface as well as the desktop interface, but if we try to connect to it, then the remote window pops up, black, and says “connecting” for a little while; after several seconds it changes to “disconnected (peer unavailable)”. After a few more seconds, it goes back to “connecting.” This repeats ad nauseum. If we close that window, disconnect the monitor, and then try to connect, BOOM, we’re connected in just a couple of seconds. If we connect the external monitor while the remote session is in progress, after a few seconds, the remote session freezes up and disconnects. This is a new problem we’ve just duplicated on 4 computers here in the past hour or so. Prior to this time yesterday, we had the older version of the client on everyone’s Macs and we didn’t have this problem (we just had the “other” problem where on some machines, the server name would say “pending” on the client and the client would never come online without uninstalling and reinstalling the client.)

Are we crazy? Anyone else having this problem?

It does look to be mac-isolated. We have gone through the same steps on a Windows machine and not had this happen.

Hello @clewis1
We created a support ticket in your behalf to further investigate the situation that you encountered while using the Remote Application (by ITarian) on your managed Mac devices and external monitors. We hope to get to the bottom of it soon.

Any update on this?
I have issues remote connecting to Macs as well, with or without external monitors.
Trying to connect the icon is spinning as in “connecting” but nothing happens.
If the connection is established, the image is still.

Hello @InfoSecAdmin

We have created a ticket for you in order to investigate further.

With best regards

No updates. Support had me pull a bunch of logs from both the source and target machines, and also had me do a bunch of connectivity tests and send screenshots of the results to them. It’s been nearly 2 weeks, and no further followup has occurred.

Hello @clewis1 ,

Please respond to the ticket you mentioned for follow up and we’ll have our support team respond accordingly.

Thank you.

Just closing the loop on this one - the news is good. I just updated to the latest version of Remote Control (6.30.29446.19090) and this issue is now resolved!