Can't connect with Connect-EXOPSSession through PowerShell


I’m trying to connect to our Exchange Online with MFA support through the command Connect-EXOPSSession but when I do that, the new login window just get contained (green box around)… But the only contained files I see is this,

I don’t think I should whitelist dllhost or conhost because they can start other things then?

The weird thing is that even if I paus the Auto Containment function it still get contained.


Hi @Noiden ,

Thank you for providing us the screenshot.
Looks like it started scripts which might be contained by command-line analysis or embedded code detection.
Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email for further investigation


Hello @Noiden ,

It`s really nice working with you and we are glad it is now fixed.
If you have issues again in the future do not hesitate to send us an email at

Thank you.