Can't log in to Comodo ONE - not staff but already exists

We are new to Comodo ONE. My supervisor (IT Director) added me and I was able to install Endpoint Manager and the Itarian remote control tool, but I can’t sign in to Comodo ONE Enterprise. My ribbon bar has Endpoint management only, but not the Comodo ONE ribbon above it. Both my IT Director and coworker have the Comodo ONE ribbon bar. She tried to remove me and add me back but I don’t get the Comodo ONE email invitation. I’m now stuck. I exist in Comodo ONE as a user, but she can’t see me listed in staff. I can’t log in with the same login/password I use in Endpoint Manager. How do we remove me and start over? Thank you in advance!

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We’re glad to see on you on board. If your supervisor added you as an EM Portal user, (your log-in URL might similar to this format you will then have access to EM Portal only. Staffs, however, will have access to other modules over the C1 portal.
2 sections were you can be removed: Log in using the (main admin account credentials) and got to Management>Staff> highlight the staff you want to remove then click delete. If you were added as EM Portal user, you can follow this guide.

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Certainly. you can send us a response as well to for any other queries.

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We will be reaching you via support email on your forum registered email for further correspondence.

The solution was to have my account deleted by support. It had been created as another company during login. My boss then resent the invitation and I was able to log in as Staff.

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Thank you for the update. It is good to know that everything is sorted now on your end.

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Sorry for the trouble caused. Can you please check your inbox for private message and provide requested details.

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