Can't login to portal

Apparently my password has expired, because when I attempt to login to I get the message ‘Sorry your password has expired. Please change your password.’ The ‘change your password’ is a link and I clicked on it in an attempt to change my password, however I get an error message stating, ‘You are not allowed to change your password from ITarian Portal’

I really need to get this resolved.

Hi @jlbreaux
Please visit the Comodo Accounts Manager to change your password for the C1 portal. That will be in ‘My Accounts’ → ‘Change Password’.

i had the same thing, you have 45 or 90 days, im using 2FA i DON’T want my password to expire, please add a NEVER to the list.

@dittoit ,

We will forward your request to our Developers to have the option added on the list.