Cant remove inactive Devices without Paying.

I have gone over the 50 device limit and now i cannot remove devices without paying.
Is there a way to get in there and remove decommissioned devices without adding my card details?

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I apologize for the experience you are having with removing devices. Can you private message me the name of your account manager, if you know it, and your account email address? Thanks!

As I understand, how I have proceded:
in Endpoint Manager>Configuration Templates>Profiles, you have to declare Basic [Windows] Profile as default (or whatsoever OS type), then cancel default for all other profiles that include RMM or Xcitium like [Windows] - Security Level 1 Profile v.7.2 (or whatsoever OS type)
Then in every non free profile which have assigned devices, go to Assigned Devices, here you can Remove Devices (in your case all of them) and then they will be automatically affected to the default profile (i.e. the free Basic [Windows] Profile that you just declared as default).
After that no more credit card information would be required to display or enroll or remove devices in RMM.
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Thank you @votinfo for this guide