Can't seem to allocate Standard License

I’m using only the most basic features for some residentials - e.g. SMART monitoring, patch management, and some cleanup tasks. Their Free license is set to expire soon.

On my account, though, is a Standard Edition license that was added Dec26. As it was added for me (not by me), I am assuming that I should be able to use it. No seats are allocated to it and I don’t seem to be able to add it to the main group. In Related Licenses, it shows only the Free one and not the new Standard one.

How can I add this new license to my group?

Hello PromptCare, We have informed our ITarian Team to review your reported issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible.

Hi @PromptCare ,

With the licensing as you are only using RMM you should not need to assign licenses to your devices.

If you go above the free 49 and enter into the 50+ bracket either ITarian or you link distributor will invoice you for the RMM usage you have had for the month.

If you decide to purchase license of AV from Comodo or a distributor like us then these will apply the cost neutral process to the RMM licenses.

I hope this information helps.