Caphyon installed, part of RMM/Patch Management?

Hello, I noticed ProgramData/Caphyon/AdvancedInstaller/Prerequisites installed on ComodoOne computers. Looking online, it appears to be a SEO tool / tracker?
Is this component just being used to install .net framework 3.5SP1 and WUA 32bit, or is Comodo using it to track usage or something else?

One of my scanners found that recently as well but I guessed that it had slipped in from another tool I’d checked out.

I found it on several systems, noticed they are in Romania, so I assume it is part of Comodo, or Bitdefender…

Hello @Rickkee and @PromptCare ,

We have requested additional information on Caphyon and we will advise further on this matter as soon as possible

Hello @Rickkee and @PromptCare ,

The Capyhon company is working on a couple of different SW products and one of them is AdvancedInstaller.
Although we have inherited this installer dependency from the legacy system, we plan to drop this dependency in the upcoming PM Agent releases.

That installer’s purpose is to download .NET framework 3.5 and and WUA since these are prerequisites for our PM Agent.
It downloads the dependencies, uses them to install PM agent and that is all.

Comodo Patch Management doesn’t implement any data collection mechanism apart from the regular patch management related operations.
Any kind of user tracking which is not used for patch operations are not needed and not implemented in Comodo Patch Management.