CC All Recipients in Service Desk

When a user requests for support by sending email to the Support Desk E-Mail, and the user included other recipients in CC, it does not reflect on the Support Desk. You have to manually enter all the recipients. This means that only the original submitter of the ticket will receive responses from the Service Desk, and none of the original CC recipients will receive updates on the request. Can the feature please be added, as this is a deal breaker in our environment.

@vnl_itmanager ,

We appreciate sending in your request on this forum post. We have made this request visible for our Developers to analyze this functionality. We’ll make sure to provide you their response in regards to a roadmap timeline in making this available on the production environment. Thank you for contributing to the Comodo community.

Service Desk used to do this about 4 or so upgrades ago, and then it stopped.

Cannot tell you exactly when but used to work.

I believe if they CC in on a reply it still adds but not on creation.

@amcssit ,

You are correct. The foundation of Service Desk is OS Ticket. @StrobeTech ,
We might be looking at this option we call adding collaborator.