CC Cleaner

What’s comodo take on this. If it’s a trusted application will CCS pick anything up ??

Downloaded CCleaner lately? Oo, awks… it was stuffed with malware

Worrying as we use the free version all the time.

@dittoit @nct

We understand your query about the aforementioned topic and we wish to provide you the utmost security for your machines. As of now, our product developers have stated not to provide a “rate as trusted” for CC Cleaner 5.33 version. We strongly suggest acquiring 3rd party software directly from OEMs site alone.

Hmm, was it CC itself that was infected or the installer?

Hi @Noiden
The official build that came from Piriform is the one that got compromised and, hence, got released to the public.

Still not the answer…

if you trust a previous version, will this get trusted or will this get scanned and checked as it should with each version / file hash?

An updated version of a ‘trusted’ file gets scanned by CCS. The only way for it not to be scanned is if the file is excluded (whitelisted) from scheduled scanning of the system. But a ‘whitelisted’ file/folder (whether suspect or not) can still be scanned manually.