CCC (Comodo Client Communications) & Show Tray Icon setting enabled after update ?


We are finding more and more agents where the ‘show tray icon’ setting is enabled after the last update(we disable this by default & it is disabled in our default profile UI settings [how communication client tray icon])

Is there a way to force all agents to re-apply this profile settings or to disable this across all agents?
We also want to ensure it is not enabled during or after any update.



Hi @itb ,

Normally the steps that you have performed to hide the icon should do the trick permanently. However, since you mentioned that it keeps showing after the last update, is the issue occurring one after another device? or is it showing the icon on all the devices after the update?


I found the issue -

Some of our clients had both a ‘Default’ AND a Default - <Client Name> device group. The ‘Default’ group contained servers on some clients and was created by the ‘Admin’ user(we don’t use this account…). On this group the CCC will show and even setting this to do not display on the server does not help.
I moved all agents to the Default - <Client Name> device group and deleted the ‘Default’ device group under these clients.

This resolved the issue so far.


@itb ,

I see. It’s good to know that the issue had been sorted out :slight_smile: