CCE Giving Our Clients Multiple Issues

Ever since the last update, our clients have been complaining of so many issues. They have so many custom applications, as a result, we turned off the option to contain unknown applications. It seemed to work fine for a while but after some time, they started having issues with some modules in the application. The modules were not working as intended. I checked the containment logs and found nothing.But after they uninstall the client security, everything seemed to work fine…without antivirus. So we turned off containment totally. Yet more issues started evolving. Ranging from database server not working as intended to not being able to send emails. So we turned off hips also, leaving only the antivirus module to run. Still more issues came up. The problem here is that this client is a switching company and any second they’re offline affects them seriously. As a result , they have no time for us to investigate and know what’s wrong. After the last issue they had, we loosened the settings on the antivirus module further…so risky. Yet after uninstalling CCE, every thing went back to normal. So now, they have given instruction to remove CCE on all nodes. They have had serious downtime. And not only this client. Another client complained of performance issues. As soon as we turned off containment, things went fine a bit. The problem later spiked and started again. We had to crash the server…removing CCE. What’s responsible for the incompatibility issues here?

Hi @chales ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

I have also had these issues, I have been trying to work around it, but have even had to turn off the AV protection on some systems, due to stuff breaking. I really do hope things level out soon, I have things leveled off as of now, but feel that purchasing the endpoint security is not worth the headache. I am still trying to believe that Comodo will get it all squared out, I have even renewed the software, but hope to get time to see about the condition of the software soon, as it seems the parts that don’t work are the things that actually attracted me to the software.


We are unhappy that these issues had caused a big burden on your tasks. Rest assure as Comodo One move with utmost priority to bring stability in our product we will deliver what is needed. We will provide a resolution for this case as soon as possible and do all means in extending our support you.

I believe you, @melih said that stability releases are coming out, that’s why I am still using the software. I understand that you have people wanting certain features, others wanting this and that. I do feel that getting it back to a stable platform will really help. I have time to wait, but time is money, and I can definitely give it a month or two to see where the stability goes from here. I remember that it was pretty stable before, and know you will get it back there.

we are on it!

stability is coming back, sprint by sprint!

Hi, i can 2nd this on my laptop, i too upgraded from 8>10, infact i had a meeting with a comodo tech, my laptop kept freezing i have removed CCS and for the past two days its been faultless.
Im going to install tomorrow morning then see what happenes.

I have a AVG removal and insatll comodo thursday (15 endpoints) so i hope a fresh install will be ok…

Hi @dittoit ,

We’re looking forward to a positive outcome. On the other hand, please let us know if you need furhter assistance regarding this matter.