CCS 10 causes temporary GUI freeze in Windows 10 when locking computer

Please see the detailed bug report in Comodo mods bug tracker number 2279, which includes much additional information.

Contact me using main CIS forum handle: mouse1, if unable to gain access.

Steps to reproduce (or exactly what you did if you have not reproduced it)

  1. Use computer normally for one day
  2. At end of day from start menu try to lock the computer

Actual results
2. Screen freezes for about 5 mins, accepting no input. Then correct locked screen appears.

Expected results
2. Computer almost immediately enters locked mode

Any other information (eg what you think caused the bug)
This started happening after upgrade of CCS from 8 to 10.User reported it happening once when accessing Libre Office Writer too, but I have not replicated that. Exported CCS config:!I5pzlSaL!sHIzAxglPDhQGFCBEYyT3ZckYjfOqgHk3QHb9nY-NPg
System summary from ITSM:…4_09-50-25.png
I checked using RMM remote process monitoring while frozen, and there was no unusual CPU usage or RAM usage (plenty of disk and RAM free). I also attempted to check disk I/O using process hacker, which showed nothing unusual, but screen freeze may mean this was not displayed. I will consider whether I can get a stack walk profile, but I think the owner of the business would consider this too instrusive.

Hi @Mouse1 ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Thanks very much Jordan. Don’t forget there is more info including possibly relevant events in Window event logs in Bugzilla.

Hi @Mouse1 ,

This is noted. Thank you.

Is there a publicly available bug tracker for Comodo Client Security?

Hello @nct,

We do not have any public tracker for the CCS. The bug tracker mentioned by @Mouse1 is a third party tracker. Thank you

@Mouse1 please could you let me have more info about the Comodo bug tracker.