CCS 11.2 Hotfix Containment Issues

We are fairly new to Comodo. We are trying it out on a couple of clients. Our first deployment of CCS was with the 11.2 release that had lots of issues. We uninstalled and re-installed the 11.1 version per support’s recommendation. Everything worked great under 11.1.

The hotfix for 11.2 that was pushed yesterday is now causing problems with our client’s applications. We have added IGNORE rules based on File Groups that we have created for our client’s specific applications. It appears those file groups are being ignored as those applications are now being affected by containment with the new hotfix version pushed yesterday.

What can I do to further troubleshoot these issues? As of right now, I have containment disabled for all devices and there are no issues.


We will assist you further in investigating your issue. Please check your forum registered for some info we might need.

Have you run a quick rating scan on your devices as we find an undocumented thing is that not all rules apply until this is done.