CCS Communication problem. Comodo Client Security Connection error 0x80070002

Several of my client machines have started displaying an error. “CCS Communication problem: Comodo Client - Security Connection error. Error code 0x80070002”. I’ve run the procedure to uninstall & reinstall everything, but of course, it won’t because it is not communicating. Has anyone come across this and is there another way besides remotely connecting to each node to manually uninstall & reinstall?


Hello @nnsit,

Thank you for letting us know about your issue.

This error usually happens when the system cannot detect the Comodo Client Security (CCS) on the endpoint.

Please check the name of Comodo Internet Security folder commonly located at “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security”
If it has been renamed, please rename it to the Folder name above.

Next, go to the portal in ITSM > Devices > Device List > add a tick to the device > Install or Update Packages > Update Additional Comodo Packages > Update Comodo Client -Security.

Please make sure that the endpoint is restarted for the changes to take effect.

Kindly let us know.

Thank you.