CCS control restricted

I am just discovering the Itarian/Comodo One landscape and it is really awesome. There is however one issue that I feel missing: to password protect the entire settings part of the desktop Comodo Client Security. In the free standalone Comodo internet security application, you can password protect the settings. That already saved me once, because a user thought it would be a good idea to disable the firewall to have an excel script run. Luckily he ended up in the password prompt, so no damage was done.

As far as I see, the same does not hold true for CCS, there every user can disable any of the security components. After a few minutes CCS will revert to its original state, but that gives the window for malicious scripts to already execute and harm being done. How can I completely lock all the settings behind a password (or elevated admin prompt, which would be even better)?

The opposite also holds true: some users are software developers and they are power-users that need to install all kinds of development and inspection tools. They need to power to add exclusions to firewall and/or containment without them being overwritten every few minutes. How do I go about that?

I love to hear about it, because your product really looks promising!

Hi @Pieter ,

Thank you for reporting this case. Like CIS standalone application, the Itarian/Comodo portal has a feature to password protect the entire settings of Comodo Client Security. Please add Client Access Control section to the device profile and apply password protection settings for Client Security.

Please see this help guide for your reference -…s-Control.html

I hope the above helps, thank you and we certainly appreciate your review.

Thanks Jordan, this was exactly what I was looking for!