CCS - firewall problem


We have problem with firewall on CCS (version It shows that “the network firewall is not functioning properly” as on screenshos below:

Trying to fix but without sucess :frowning:

It’s not one case. We have few other PC with that same problem.We use Itarian platform to manage CCS and devices.

What could be the problem and how can we fix it?

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Has it ever worked without showing the error on V12.5?

To be honest I don’t know. I noticed that some hourts ago and tried to reslov but no success.
You mean that It could be some bug in CCS?

Do you have the firewall module enabled on your Itarian profile?

Yes, of course. There are other devices which share that same profile and there is no problem. Only 6 other devices has that problem with firewall as follow:

Hi @andit ,

To be able to understand your issue we should check your logs. I will direct support team for collecting logs.

Product Management Team.