CCS Hotfix for Auto-Containment of windows processes issue (09/28/2017)

Hello Everyone,

We have detected that on some of the customer endpoints trusted windows executable files like mmc.exe, wuapp.exe, excel.exe and winword.exe were being considered as unrecognized and auto-contained due to a bug in CCS. This bug was inside a component that was responsible for rating the files at the execution to prevent auto-containing clean files. This bug has now been fixed, the new CCS version is released immediately.

Please make sure your device profiles have the update section enabled and update frequency set as “Every day”, you may also choose to update the devices manually from the device inventory.…ml#update_freq

Released modules and versions:

Comodo Client - Security (CCS) :




I have update at 07:00 every day in our profile,

but does not seems that the endpoints have been updated.

Or will it first show after a reboot?

2017-09-28 14_54_22-IT and Security Manager.png

Can I suggest you post info here too ?

Hi @nct

It is already posted as notification as well.


Please check it today as well and if not updating, please contact with support team.

Some machines have been updated but far from all, but I shall have a remote session this afternoon with the support team. =)


It was nice talking to you earlier. As what we have discussed, we will wait for your correspondence on Monday after you have rolled out the update on the endpoints. Please give us your feedback after doing so.