CCS Issues

I’m interested in what other people think of Comodo Client Security (CCS) as at present I cannot even give it away free due to the issues it causes.

I only have 40 endpoints but CCS hasn’t been a problem for me. It’s the rest of ITSM.


Hi James,

I have found PC’s die, rules and configurations not applied or to be more specific not listened to even though they are listed in CCS.
Mass issues in performance, for instance, if you have an MS update and Comodo def update at the same time you can kiss goodbye to being able to use your PC at all, even if you have an i7.

The list goes on and on. For the last 3 months at least I have had almost hourly calls and issues from Comodo CCS.

Maybe I’ve been lucky then. I havnt received a single call about performance related issues.

Indeed you have been lucky. I need to rename the company from Strobe IT to Comodo IT as that is all I personally do now.

It’s nice as I learn a lot, but at the same time our support call rate is 10 fold more, and as CCC is blocked by CCS or just never connects no scripts, monitoring or remote works either making us no better than break fix.

Do you have other remote software installed. It’s a bit weird we have so different results.

I do have other remote software installed, but this is remote only, no monitoring, patching etc

Hi @StrobeTech Until recently we would have agreed with some of your views, but as promised by @melih , everything has improved recently, although, not perfect yet. Happy to chat privately Robin.

Previously there were some issues,but not for the last 2-3 months.

I have 700 endpoints on CCS and feel they are far more secure on Comodo than the previous AV.

I’m working close with the team indeed; but just every release things our worse.
Our biggest issue is that we have to have the firewall disabled as it randomly blocks all network traffic or that the AV part does not listen to the file verdicts and captures any files it feels like, including MS ones causing BSoD.

We have between 150 to 200 (having to mass bail for some clients)

What versions are people running. I’ve been leaving them a couple behind as I know things are ok. But I update my laptops to the latest.

We normally wait a week then update. We have a couple handfuls in v8 still and they perfect

Our clients update automatically on different days