CCS Maunal Uninstall or Script for CCS Cleanup

Does anyone have a manual removal process or script that cleans out all old instances for CCS. Having issues with a corrupt installer and need a cleanup so I can reinstall fresh CCS.

Thank you.

@azon2111 ,

Please refer to this script procedure.…nt-with-reboot

We can also suggest…led-or-removed for cleaning possible stalled or corrupted CCS remnants.

You can also request a removal tool from support if the above does not work.

Request the tool as it is excellent and will save you time.

How do I request the tool from support? Thank you.

Hello @azon2111, @StrobeTech is correct. We do have a tool to remove CCS.

Please note that the tool is an internal tool and can remove all Comodo products as well as other Windows file hence, we only use the tool now together with our customers via scheduled remote session. Also, you can use MS FixIT to remove CCS as this is also effective:

@azon2111 @StrobeTech , @dittoit

We have updated the CCS cleanup tool (see links below) and made it available publicly here in the forums. As a precautionary measure, we suggest creating a restore point first before utilizing the tool.

32-bit version…86_2.0.0.3.exe

64-bit version…64_2.0.0.3.exe

FYI @Jimmy the link in your PDF file documentation is no longer valid, only the one in the forum post.

@nct ,

My apologies. Thank you for checking. we’ll make a request to have it modified. The URL link on the pdf is indeed no longer valid. However, the steps outlined can provide a guide in using the tool so they can get an idea on what would transpire in the process.

Thank you all.

@azon2111 ,

We appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for making the tools public, we have multiple copies of the old one for use but will update them ASAP with these new ones.