CCS problems with Microsoft Azure backup schedule

Hi All,

The CCS is stopping task scheduler from running this command C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -Command Import-Module MSOnlineBackup;" Start-OBBackup -Name “eec7f50b-a2b6-45e1-b65c-*************”

Any idea how to allow this through as it’s a task scheduler but this has to run uninterrupted

It’s on a server running 2016 Standard.

Hi @monster-it
May we suggest that you utilize the following profile setting for unrecognized Windows services, autostart entries, or scheduled tasks. You will not be able to exclude a specific entry with this setting so use it at your discretion.

I’ve tried that but no luck :frowning: any other ideas we can try please?

We created a support ticket for your concern @monster-it as we will be asking information that is potentially sensitive. Feel free to reply at your convenience.

Replied. Thank you. It appears the auto containment is blocking to the process hash for this according to the logs. If I disable auto containment it runs fine but when its on it stops it.

Hello @monster-it ,

Thank you, we just received the ticket.
We`ll send you an update the soonest.