CCS - Refuses to update


We’re having some issues with CCS on initial install. We’re running the Enterprise edition and we’re just testing ahead of rollout. We’re behind a proxy and all looks good with Communication Client. We’re able to deploy CCS to endpoints remotely, but when we try and run an initial scan or update signatures, we’re getting what, according to Event Viewer, are repeated 407 errors when trying to check for Signature and Recognizer updates.

We’ve played with the proxy settings in advanced settings and when we remove them, it flags 12002 errors instead, which is what I’d expect if it needed to get out on a proxy and couldn’t. The 407s aren’t making sense, however, considering that CC has the same settings and is fine.

We’ve got a call scheduled for Monday to try and resolve this but just figured I’d stick a post on here in the meanwhile to see if anyone could point me in the right direction before that.

TIA everyone!

@Mike_Groom ,

As of the moment, we strongly suggest getting it checked on Monday’s screen share session. Our Support team will need to have at least an idea on your network structure, the CCS settings to identify why it returns with that specific error code. A traffic trace might need to be performed as well.

This has to be a network problem with traffic and your proxy I’d say.

I know we had issues with our firewall and the IPS/IDS service detecting and blocking Mac CCS updates, so had to add an exception / whitelisted for it.