CCS Removal Tool

We have had much cause to use this tool and Comodo will not place a link inside the C1 portal for us to be able to download.

Got this message from Comodo after helping another MSP remove CCS v10 as this is the only method.
Personally, I feel this is a joke and a waste of their resources as this tool should be a part of the C1 Dashboard that you can download, only trained MSPs should be using this anyway.

Sent: 05 January 2018 18:02
Subject: [#CMP-534-25235]: Forum Post Reminder


We are contacting you regarding the forum post: . If you noticed we keep on removing your post that includes a download link for the removal tool. As per management, we were informed that since the CCS removal tool is an internal tool, we are not allowed to post in on the forum community. A few MSPs were only given this tool since we are certain that they are really aware how to utilize the removal tool itself.
Kind Regards,
Comodo Technical Support Team

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