CCS Slowing down computers


This is my first post because support has been awful. CCS is eating up resources. Mostly cpu to the point where the machine is unusable. I’ve also seen it get so bad that it wont even let the computer connect to the internet. This has happened on about 20 machines so far and is very frustrating to our clients. The only solution is to reinstall Comoodo. After Comodo is reinstalled the device runs fine. What is causing this?

Hi @Jay603 ,

I am the product manager of CCS. Performance logs are needed for such cases. Our support team will contact and help you about your problem.

You can feel free to share your feedback and comments.Thank you for contacting us.


@Jay603 What specs are the PCs? We have CCS installed on several hundred PCs without this issue. They are mostly Windows 10 Intel i5 PCs with 8GB RAM.

The device it just happened to is a windows 10, I5-4570, 6gb ram. The one that happened the other day was a beast, it had a I7 9 series, 32gb of ram. Both had ssd’s. I’m trying to get a hold of a current device that it is happening to but that might be later this afternoon. Its very random because we have about 1500 endpoints and we are seeing about 5-7 a week with this issue. Like one client has 60 computers and it only affected 5 so far. We are trying to find the common theme but not having any luck. How would I get the performance logs? Most computers that we manage are usually a minimum of i5 with 8gbs of ram and ssd. Thank you!

@Jay603 , you definitely need support to help you, it sounds like there may be a configuration issue.

Hi @Jay603,

Sorry for the trouble caused. We have created a support ticket to your registered forum email address. Please provide the requested logs to investigate the issue.
Thanks in advance.

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@Jay603 did you get this resolved?

Nope they never reached out to me. I did create a ticket last week. I found something on this one computer, when i turned off this feature in hips the cpu went way down. Settings > HIPS > Monitoring Settings > protected registry keys. I ran a process tool and found that comodo was making a great deal of registry changes. Millions per hour. Not sure what the resolution is yet.