CCS - Website Filtering

Hi all

Looking for advice on the built in Website Filtering.

In all my endpoints I believe by default it is turned ON and all categories are select for “blocked”
Cannot really see if they are truly enabled/working.

BUT I have no idea if working or not, it appears my users can browse anywhere or any site without any pop up nor being blocked.

The reason I ask is one user got a website pop up alarm/warning scammer pretending to be microsoft, and nothing shows up in logs etc.
(Yes he fell for it, but that not the issue I’m asking about)

Does it actually work or have any benefit what so ever ?

Do we move over to a DNS system for blocking/filtering like comodo safe dns, my quick testing shows no filters seem to be applied at all, does not seem to block any porn etc.
Good old open dns family filer knocks these out almost as soon as adding to systems.

I know we can move to cDome/Secure Internet Gateway, In fact tested “free level” with one client and it was not very successful, blocking genuine sites and caused end users too many issues at a busy time, I turned it off and used existing hardware firewall.
I never gave it another try.

Does anyone have any advice or real world results they may wish to share.

Once again, built in CCS web filter?
Comodo secure DNS, same as we have a script to use.
Set Communication Client with Comodo DNS
Description :This script is used to restart to set EM client with Comodo Secure DNS and

Or SIG paid version?

Other options?




Hi @mcfproservices ,

For testing website filtering functionality you can create a test category and add some website to this category. And add test category to Blocked. Restart browser/clear browser cache and open website to check if it is blocked. You can see the help guide:…-Settings.html

For CCS Website filtering you can test these two URLs for your testing behavior. -> blocked by CCS in Chrome and Firefox -> blocked by CCS in Chrome, Firefox blocks that URL itself

Web Filtering feature blocks only malicious sites by default. So if you want to block certain sites categories like sites with adult content it is better to use Security Internet Gateway product.

Product Management Team

it’s perhaps also worth being aware the filtering on CCS can only be configured locally on each endpoint and not via a Comodo One policy.

Wait, you can’t setup a Policy in ITarian limiting website access, and manage it centrally online? I have to configure each web filtering policy on each device / endpoint?

For that you would need to look at

I don’t even see Website Filtering in CCS in OSX. Maybe OSX doesn’t offer this… I only seem to have Anti-Virus

Hi @ManFromMars ,

CCS Mac version does not support Website Filtering.

Product Management Team.