CDome Shield Free licenses..Cisco charges $20 per user p/a for a comparable product.

Get licenses from here (Free): (For home users) (For business users free upto 5 users per business)

Read about Cdome Shield here:

Help for Cdome Shield here:

Here is what some of our users are saying:

“Comodo Cdome Shield is similar to OpenDNS Umbrella. Thank you very much, extraordinary product.”
“Umbrella costs 20$/year per user”

Please give us your feedback.

Thought I’d give it a shot…

How to Get Started
Visit and click login, enter your username and password.

Okay. Click. Picked “Dome Shield”…Login…entered my C1 email and password…

Your C One Account Doesn’t Have a Valid Dome Shield License.

Now, assuming this had worked, would we need to do this for each site? (I deal with residentials almost exclusively so only a few have more than one PC under my care).

For cOne users,

Please use your own App Store and Get Module: Comodo Dome Shield from there.
So you can use C1 account that does SSO with cDome Shield and login on the same portal.

This license is Trial 1 month unlimited users but we will extend this to 1 year license if you send email to with your account information.

Side note: “I have read and agree to the End User license/Service Agreement” <—404

Sorry I did not understand, you get 404 while opening EULA?

I have tried myself now and there was no problem. Have you been able to get basic version from there?

I mean that link doesn’t load.
Maybe you’re working from a cached version?

The link I provided is right from the Signup page. It doesn’t point to a PDF. That’s all I’m saying.

how do you want to integrate Cdome Shield into C1?
Automatically create tickets when an event happens in Cdome Shield etc?