cDome Shield - Support for Dynamic IP registration without Shield Windows agent.

Hello fellow Comodo Geeks,

While working with cDome Shield I noticed the only way to register with dynamic IPs is to install the cShield Update Agent. There are various Dynamic DNS protocols published and methods of doing this without an endpoint-based software agent. I could see issuing the Comodo authorization key as the username string along with a generated password so it could be used by DDNS clients in various routers and software clients for other OS platforms.

Some possibly helpful implementations:
DNS UPDATE standard RFC 2136 and related updates would be the standardized way to go:
Google’s synthetic DNS documentation for Google Domains:
DNS-o-Matic’s multi-DynamicDNS service registration service methodology:

C1 partners please chime in with your input. C1 Support please add it as a feature request if it doesn’t exist already.


Hi @vitalsupport . Good day to you. Thank you for providing us your suggestion. We had forwarded this request to our Product Development Team. We had send you an email as a reference for this request.