CDome Standard

Hello, I got the CDome Standard module a while back, but now when I try to log in, I get a no active license error. I have logged into it before, but now I can not. I was looking for my different licenses in my partner portal, and I no longer see any of my licenses, but may of been in the wrong part of the portal, and am going to go back and look for sure, but wanted to see if there was an issue.

OK, I found my license in my reseller panel, so I knew I had one. Please let me know about this, and is there some write ups on these software solutions?? I am a stickler on researching the software I implement in depth, as I like to know it inside and out before I have any issues, so I do not look bad in front of a customer, especially if I asm going to be charging for the service.

Please do peruse through the linked guide below @BOSS

Introduction to Comodo Dome Standard

Great, thanks!!

I have a question, so when I can work on setting this up, and it asks how many users do I want to cover?? What if I only want to cover a couple hundred for right now, but business explodes, and I need to cover 10000 endpoints?? Will this be a huge issue, or will it be simple?? I guess, do we need to go ahead and plan for future expansion, by going with a higher number than needed at this time, or go with how many we need to cover at this point, and expand as needed?

hi BOSS,

It is only important for your starting phase so that we can provision you the right type and amount of resources.

Dome Secure Web Gateway scales automatically, so going forward, you don’t need to make any prior calculations for the future.

Additionally, you can have multiple nodes -closer to each site of yours- per your different sites if they are located in different physical locations in USA or even the World.

@bulut ,
Thanks for the clarification, would I be able to get you to look into why my cDome Standard is not working?? I have spun Dome Shield up now, but was wanting to look into the cDome Standard as well. Thanks.

hi BOSS,

Your trial may be expired. Please reach out to so that we can extend your Dome Secure Web Gateway account.

I did not realize it was a trial, how can I remove it from my applications tab?? I am not trying to get more free stuff from you guys, as I feel that you very generous with your free offerings. I just don’t want all the clutter of stuff I am not using under that tab. could I please get you to tell me how I can remove the?? I did not see a way to remove them once you had subscribed to them, even if you are no longer going to use them.

By the way I did not trial it, as I signed up to it, and was going to try it out when I got time, so thanks for clearing that up for me also.

Comodo Dome Standard does not seem to be fully setup for an MSP model, or do we need an instance for each of out customers?

Hello @rockowwc,

You can manage your customers location by location using locations menu.

Let us know if you still need further assistance.

I would still like to remove the applications from my menu, that I can not use, any idea on how to achieve this??


What we can do is request it from the backend on the Product Developer’s, if there’s a possibility of removing specific modules for your account.