cdome UTM Review

Hey Guys,

Can you share your thoughts and experience with cdome UTM.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) by Comodo is the next generation firewall. I can easily say it delivers good protection against potential threats. :slight_smile:

It has a potential good future, but we are currently testing it heavily with the team and will update when I have some more information for you guys.

Just to be sure, we are all talking about the newly named “cDome Firewall” ?

Cdome FW different then the Korugan UTM ? either the appliance or VM


Korugan VM has been replaced with Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance.

You may refer to this forum link below.

Another Question . i am currently trying to make a call on moving away from Sophus UTM appliances and going with Comodo but cannot get enough solid info on the Comodo line . i am also confused about the Cdome UTM versus Korugan UTM , is one being retired ? . we are just starting out as a MSP and i am willing to move to Comodo UTM appliances but need to know they are stable and functional with 5 9’s service . i have used Sophus for a few years and that was our plan to stay with a known brand .

Hi @randy_srs, for more detailed comparison visit

You may also request your free demo with your own dedicated product engineer to give you a personalized demo of our platform, with via the link below:

ok so next question . can you give me a run down on the various modules that we can purchase . there is
Dome Firewall (on prem) 1-99 users
Dome Secure Web Gateway 1-99 users
Anti spam Module
etc. you wold think you would separate out the modules for the Firewall and options for the firewall to make it easier for us to manage a clients needs and our ease of ordering .

  1. also why is there no discount for 1 year /2 year / 3 years subscriptions ? it makes no sense for me to buy 3 years for a subscription if we are not getting some sort of discount or some sort .

  2. is there a all in one UTM package ? this still looks like we have to peace meal the firewall together ?

@randy_srs, the best persons to provide these information are our sales team. You may contact the Sales team thru email and thru phone 1-888-266-6361.