change name on forums

Is there a way to change my username on the forums? If not I may have to delete this account I dont want to use a company name as my username

Hi @jtlogic
Have you tried editing “my profile” section?

Of course I have that’s why I’m asking here how to change the name. There is no option in my profile section.

Hi @jtlogic

We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for reporting this case, we have created a ticket via email and will update you as soon as possible.

Any update on this? I do not want my company name as my username on these forums

Hello @jtlogic
Our apologies for this inconvenience. As of this posting, the forum backend is still being worked on which prevents access to the user profile. Once available, we can properly address your request. If you wish also, a viable option to your concern would be to create a new forum account without deleting your existing one.

It would not be a viable option to create a new user account. My old account with over 100 posts will still be displaying my company name so that is not good for me. I want to be able to ask for support and look around without clients seeing my name all over this site. Also, now I would hope the forum back-end is still not being worked on since it has been over a month since my last inquiry. Let me know when you guys will allow us to change our names on the forum please.
Thank you!

HI @jtlogic ,

We understand your request for changing your username on the forums. We have notified the proper department who will be able to rename your forum user name and at the same time specifically, notate for all the forums posts you made to remain.

Hi, i also need the same doing please.

Hi @dittoit ,

We took note this and we will get in touch soon for an update. Thank you.

Hi, after reviewing the user setting pages on the forum, I too, seem unable to change my username. Furthermore, I am sharing the conserns of the previous posts regarding this issue, and would like to have my username changed.

Thanks in advance!

@jenssenit ,

We understand your request regarding the change you want for your username. Can you please send us an email @ so we can collect private information from you that we will need. @dittoit @jtlogic if you still want to request this change, you can follow the above-mentioned procedure.

This is such a huge issue for me that I would rather delete my account than deal with emailing in a request to change a username.
WHich brings me to my next issue…it’s not even possible to delete the damn account. What the hell is going on over at Comodo!!!

Hello @farhood.basiri
The option to ‘self-delete’ your forum account is indeed not available. If you really want to delete your C1 Forums account, you can email us at and explicitly state your intent. We will reach out to the proper group to fulfill such request and email you back once the process is complete.

Come on guys! We really need to be able to change our display names. And this thread is going for quite a long time now.

Hello @zain,

We have notified the appropriate team for the ability to change the username in this forum site. We will keep you posted via this page once we have an available update with this request. Thank you.

Hello @zain ,

We can send a request to our Forum Administrators to change your Username and at the same time retain your previous posts. Kindly send an email to with your current C1 Forum Username and your preferred ‘New Username’.

you wish also, a viable option to your concern would be to create a new forum account without deleting your existing one.