Change the start-up state of a specific service

Hello everyone,

The attached procedure script will allow you to persistently change the start-up state of any service that you specify.

To use this script:

  • Run the script as LocalSystem User on the endpoint(s) that you want to change the service configuration on.
  • Click on Change Parameters, and type in the name of the service (for example wuauserv or bits).
  • In the Service Start Type field, specify one of the following:
    • boot: The service loads earlier during boot time.
    • system: The service is classified as being part of the operating system start-up.
    • auto: Automatic - the service will automatically load during Windows start-up
    • demand: Manual - the service will load when needed
    • disabled: The service will not start during start-up and is prevented from being started by other services or programs.
    • delayed-auto: Starts the service shortly after initial system start has completed to prevent disk I/O throttling/contention.
  • Click on Apply, and then click on Run to execute the script.

20181106-Change-the-start-up-state-of-a-specific-service.json (1.94 KB)